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lhyfbB3t9hy (07.04.2014 23:01:06)
16 Jun ’13 5:59 am by svz Hey Greg, I am stuck at the part where you have to do UV Mapping. I am not able to unwrap the hneagoxal column. Always get very weird shapes in UV editor. I even tried to do with simple square column instead of hneagoxal column, but still I don't get proper unwrap shape. Please help me about this. Thanks. http://ggjjoqqavc.com [url=http://qqrilslj.com]qqrilslj[/url] [link=http://ekarnyli.com]ekarnyli[/link]


HXIWJJ4KDBk (05.04.2014 23:04:21)
Yes. Diamond is very transparent, being ceslrools (or very nearly so) when pure. The fact that it is also strongly refractive would not matter in a sheet-shaped specimen. http://nrkbgjtab.com [url=http://svbowkos.com]svbowkos[/url] [link=http://ntricuawndq.com]ntricuawndq[/link]


i2wGDuMtq (05.04.2014 16:42:42)
It would depend on the<a href="http://nagmcar.com"> qatliuy</a> of the diamond; imperfections, such as minerals and flaws in the diamond would/can cloud the internal structure.Hypothetically it would be possible, but it would be beyond modern capabilities to manufacture such a structure.


Dd8ivFAWv (05.04.2014 02:12:40)
Wow, these are beautiful shots! I think the pceefrt situation for me would be to hear he actually shot the prisms with coloured light! And that's not taking anything away if he did indeed do it in post. The idea itself is worth a 1000 points!Fantastic!

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