Quality crystals at great prices.

Tumbled stones and other polished crystal items.

Chakra Healing set.
Set of 7 natural crystal stones with instructions, stone meanings, and pouch to keep stones in.

NZ $15.00

Small bag (125 grams) of mostly 2-3cm tumbled stones of good quality.
Usually 6-8 stones per bag, but it varies with weight & size of the stones.

Crystal/stone types:
NZ $15.00

40mm polished crystal hearts in various stone types.

Crystal/stone types:
NZ $12.00

Crystal keyring with attached 3cm heart in a variety of stones.

Crystal/stone types:
NZ $9.00

Tumbled crystal keyrings with 2-3cm crystal attached in various stones.

Crystal/stone types:
NZ $5.00
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